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Frontliners is a concern of its parent company, Frontliners Technologies Ltd.

‘Frontliners’ is the first and only networking app for doctors in Bangladesh that provides all the services to ease up the life of our frontline warriors, the doctors.

To achieve the highest leverage of a digitally connected doctor’s community, Frontliners will keep bringing every necessary services for the doctor and thus be a little footnote to serve the country with a better healthcare service provided by our life saviors, our frontline warriors, the DOCTORS.


Search Chamber/Telemedicine Jobs

Doctors can search for jobs by preferable time and location from over 1500 institutions.

Search Substitute Doctors

Doctors can search for their substitutes to cover their duty for them whenever they need a day off!

Search On-Call Duty

Doctors can search for preferable on-call duties when they are free with a single click!

Interactive Medical Case Discussion

Doctors can discuss medical cases with other experts when they need a second opinion.

My Safety

My Safety is a popular feature to ensure a safer workplace for doctors.

Digital Roaster

Digital Roaster helps the doctors automatically manage their work hours at the hospital.

Personalized News

My News is a personalized newsfeed that let the doctors stay updated with the latest news of their respective field and interests.

Medical Trivia

Medical Trivia is a fun way to sharpen their knowledge over their fields.


Salman Rahman

Chief Executive Officer

Salman has an intense doer's mentality. He is a creative problem solver. He has a solid vision for the venture. He designs and leads the path for the team to achieve it.



The Wizard! What the team dreams and designs to do, Bashar turns the plans into a reality. As CTO, he has extreme work ethics to do whatever it takes to make our visions come to life.

Shafiqul Islam Khan

Chief Operational Officer

The people's guy! This gentle giant has excellent management skills and great marketing knowledge just enough to restore the balance to our team.

Raisul Haque Rajon

UI/UX Lead

Nowfel Hossain Mashnoor

Backend Developer

Washiqul Haque Sayam

Junior Marketing Executive

As healthcare professionals doctors are serving our country in the noblest way possible. That is why doctors are considered as one of the most selfless individuals who are always there serving as the frontline warriors. Being grateful for their service to the nation, we are delighted to bring out the platform ‘Frontliners’ to make their life a little bit easier. A positive initiation always meets up with the appreciation it deserves. We are no exception to this fact. That is why when we asked for help to spread out the service among the doctors, many healthcare professionals have come forward to our great endeavor to connect their community and bring our vision to reality.


Samuel Mursalin

Coordinator at NSU Startups Next

Lecturer, Department of Management at North South University

DR. Ayesha Alam Pranty

Medical Officer at MH Samorita Medical College & Hospital

Research Assistant at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University-BSMMU.

D. a. Anwar Al-Aman

Senior Product Executive at SK+F

Assistant Professor at State University of Bangladesh

DR. Nazmul Islam

Advisor at সন্ধানী

Sr. Medical Officer at Bangladesh Kidney Foundation

Basher Ahmed Reza

Area Head- B2B (Pharmaceutical Portfolio), MGH Group